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Back in 2013, Mexico formally put its faith in the energy sector as a catalyst for economic development. The Energy Reform marks a fresh start for the country’s energy industry, and 2016 is poised to be the turning point as the wholesale electricity market takes off, officially opening the electricity sector to private participation. In this new and evolving landscape, reliable information is crucial in stakeholder decision-making processes, and Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review 2016/17 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest developments, main trends, and investment opportunities in the Mexican energy and sustainability markets. This edition of Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review looks at the most relevant events that took place during the first year of the wholesale electricity market, emphasizing the regulations and the actors that will shape Mexico’s restructured energy sector. Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review 2016/17 is an essential read for all who seek to understand the new environment and seize the many opportunities that Mexico now presents for those interested in business opportunities in the electricity sector.  

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  • Dedicated editorial team with experience covering Mexico’s energy industry and in-depth understanding of global trends, technological advances and international best practices
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